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Living Forgiven Counseling Center

Family First Ministries reaches out to all and administers hope by providing solid Biblical counseling also known as “Living Forgiven.” Many individuals, homeless, incarcerated and even those in the successful business world who have gone through various programs, completed them and subsequently returned to a life of feeling insignificant. Be it alcohol, drugs, domestic issues, government dependency, or any other issue one can think of; Family First Ministry's Living Forgiven Innovative program, approaches every issue from a biblical perspective and provides solid principals one can understand and apply to their daily lives.


" . . . I became very rebellious, angry, selfish and unstable. . .  The teaching has been life changing for me , it has taught me how to press my way in spite of how I may feel or what may offend me, or when things are not going my way. . . once I was set free from that bracelet I came running quick to join and made myself available to be used in anyway. While attending FFM I was welcomed with the love, I felt accepted and I felt the spirit of God in the atmosphere. " Annie, Menasha
“I suffered from depression since I was a teenager. I even contemplated suicide a couple times. However now, I feel like I found true peace of mind and joy. I learned how to put my faith in God that He will provide my needs, I learned to go to Him when I feel overwhelmed and stressed out, and I go to God in prayer when the day-to-day gets rough. I no longer feel worthless, I have a sense of purpose. I no longer feel sad because I know God loves me and will never let me down. . . I no longer drink, I no longer pursue unhealthy relationships, I am giving my past hurts to God and letting them go, and I am happier then ever! I attend Sunday service and Wednesday Bible Study. I call into the morning prayer line. I have a loving, supportive church family. I talk to God ALL the time! I ask Him for help when I am confused and when I need guidance AND I thank Him everyday for blessing me and saving me even when I did not trust in Him." Cheri, Appleton

Living Forgiven Counseling Center

300 North Appleton Street (2nd Level)

Appleton, WI 54911

To make an appointment, please call (920) 903-1159.

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Family First Ministries, Inc.
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