Family First Ministries Inc.


Senior Servant
"Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly" 1 Peter 5:2

Dr. Alvin T. Dupree, Jr. PhD

Alvin T. Dupree Jr. is the Founder and Senior Servant of Family First Ministries Inc. (FFM), established March of 2009 in Menifee, California. He has been married to his lovely wife Lady Dupree for over 16 years; he is the father of three daughters and one son. He believes and teaches the importance of the Church to keep the Ministerial needs of the Families within the Church as the number one priority.

Pastor Dupree was raised in Kansas City Kansas by his parents, Linda Dupree and Alvin T. Dupree, Sr. who serve as Pastor and Co-Pastor of Grace Tabernacle Outreach Center located in Kansas City, Kansas. Pastor Dupree was raised around the church and recalls giving his life to the Lord at the age of 16 but later backslid. At the age of 21 he joined the Marine Corps with one purpose in mind, to get away from the church and get out into the world to enjoy fulfilling the lust of his youthfulness. In the year of 1996 he found himself accompanied with his wife and their 6 month old daughter traveling by ways of the Marine Corps with orders to Camp Pendleton, California.

It was 1996, in the City of Oceanside where Pastor Dupree and his young dysfunctional family would have a divine encounter with Pastor Thomas Hammonds of the Friendly Church of God in Christ (COGIC). It was under his tutelage he was lead back to Christ and taught the fundamentals of being a Godly man. Over a period of 13 years Pastor Dupree began to grow spiritually under the direct leadership of his now Spiritual Father, Pastor Hammonds. Observing how Pastor Hammonds demonstrated to everyone, especially his family, the true genuine Love of God, God began to work on Pastor Dupree’s heart. Pastor Dupree having run from the Church was now recognizing the very thing he was trying to run from, he was being called into. It was in 1997 Pastor Dupree heard and accepted in his heart the call from God to preach the Gospel and was appointed a Deacon. He faithfully and willing served four years, in the Men’s department, Janitorial department, Outreach department, convalescent homes, choir department and anywhere he was asked by his Pastor.

It was not until the year 2000, he would tell Pastor Hammonds he heard and accepted in his heart his call from God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2001, Pastor Dupree was licensed a Minister by Bishop Charles E. Blake, 1st Ecclesiastic Jurisdiction of Southern California, COGIC and 1st assistant to the Presiding Bishop, Gilbert E. Patterson. Remaining humble and always pushing the vision of his Pastor, he worked diligently where ever he was needed. In 2003, Pastor Dupree was sent through the Ordination process of the 1st Jurisdiction of Southern California. In 2004 he completed the ordination process and had the honor of having the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ worldwide, Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson physically anoint him by laying hands on him, and ordaining him an Elder. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this would be the last class Bishop Patterson would ordain before he would be called home to be with the Lord.

Pastor Dupree’s passion for souls began to grow like a wild fire; this became very evident as every Sunday there were always people coming to church as a result of being led to Christ and then invited to the church. He was having a heart transfusion by God and not even knowing it. The need for more room outside of his personal vehicle to bring souls to church had grown to a point where he had to use an old 12 passenger van which was sitting in the back of the church. Every Sunday, he would load souls up from the Menifee area and drive 45 minutes to Oceanside California. Throughout the week he found himself ministering to their personal family needs by answering all their phone calls, going to visit them in the hospital, jail and the streets. This went on for 1 year and 7 months; just about every Sunday the 12 passenger van would be over flowing with 13 or more souls. He felt the Lord calling him to Pastor but figured he would answer that call in his heart as he did with the call to preach and simply continue to bring in souls to Friendly COGIC. Not to mention the fact Pastor Dupree was then and currently, active duty in the United States Marine Corps. As such he really did not see how the Lord would be calling him to the office of Pastor now.

God’s plan was different; the van he drove broke down in June of 2008; now there was no longer transportation to get to church. The following Sunday Pastor Hammonds directed him to find a park in the area for the purpose of having an outdoor service until they purchase another van. Well, one Sunday turned into six Sundays, which turned into 6 Months of Sundays and yet there was still no van purchased. Pastor Hammonds Blessed Pastor Dupree to continue the Ministry in which God had birthed. As such God spoke to Pastor Dupree and told him as a result of his family being blessed and saved from destruction, he must always remember, in Gods Ministerial Order, “The Family Comes First!” Thus the name, “Family First Ministries” was birthed. In March of 2009, Pastor Dupree was anointed and blessed by Pastor Hammonds at their official anointing Service to do the work of God.

Within two years of planting Family First Ministry, the Lord saw fit to relocate him to Wisconsin by ways of the Military. In June of 2011, Pastor Dupree found himself moving his family yet one last time. He with the help of God was able to find another Man of God to continue the Ministry in California and follow the divine orders God had, to move and establish “Family First Ministry” in Wisconsin. Thus after serving faithfully for one year at Divine Temple COGIC in Green Bay Wisconsin, he received the Blessing of Pastor Green to do the work of the Lord in the Appleton Wisconsin area. Family First Ministries first service in Appleton Wisconsin was June 3, 2012. 

Pastor Dupree has been anointed in one of the most overlooked areas by most, the ability to “Reach” people from all stages of life. After God uses him to reach people he is able to operate in the anointed gifts of preaching and teaching the Word of God in a simplistic form, yet rich with revelation, impacting the lives of some of the most diverse people and their families; as such many entire families have given their hearts over to the Lord. His sincere walk with Christ, passion for family, commitment to being a witness, and his sharing the love of Jesus by making it practical and applicable to a right now situation with everyone, has aided in adding countless souls to the Kingdom of God.

Alvin T. Dupree, Jr. PhD, attended University of Phoenix, where he earned an Associates of Arts, in General Studies and a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. Feeling a tug by God to get a deeper understanding of his word, and having a hunger and thirst to get a more intimate relationship with him; he attended Next Dimension Bible College where he earned his Bachelor of Biblical Studies, Master of Divinity and his Doctorate in Ministry with certifications in Biblical Family Counseling. He later earned his Doctorate of Philosophy in Religious Studies.

Pastor Dupree is a constantly sought after speaker of various organizations. His ability to connect with people of all aspects of life has placed him in front of people in state prisons, to those working in prestige’s positions for the Government. Pastor Dupree loves his family, Gods people and above all else, he loves the Lord. His hearts passion for the Godly success of family and the desire to see their souls added to the kingdom of God birthed the Church Motto,Adding to the Kingdom of God One Family at a Time!